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Tuesday, August 12

Left Ridgway, and drove with the trailer over Lizard Head pass (not the head of a lizard, but the headwaters of the lizard river) then south to 160, and a few miles east to a campground, Mesa Verde RV Resort, just out of Mesa Verde National Park.

Of course, we went up the hill south of the RV park to Mesa Verde.  Really up... you climb maybe 2000 ft to the mesa, and of course the views are terrific, like the Mancos overlook:
















And, of course, the cliff dwellings...




Spruce house.















Long house.







Enjoyed the sights there.  We enjoyed the hot tub in the park when we came back.  It was a busy day!  Aren't most of our days busy?


Wednesday, August 13 to Friday August 15

East with trailer to Alpen Rose RV Resort a few miles north of Durango, to meet with friends Ray and Barbara Sanders.  Stayed here for a few days with them. On Friday evening, the resort had a karaoke, and we really enjoyed ourselves, singing and dancing.  Interestingly, Ed didn't take any pictures or 3 days! It was a great relaxing time with good friends.


Saturday, August 16

Said goodbye to our friends and went the hill on Forest Service Road 204 to Junction Creek campground, which was being hosted by our Bass Lake neighbors Tracy and Debbie Collum, and Vern and Carrie Schaab.  Stayed a whole week, and then some. Got to know our neighbors much better: what wonderful people they are!

Here is our great campsite at Junction Creek:










Sunday, August 17

Went with Vern and Carrie to Florida Baptist church, then out to lunch with them.


Monday, August 18

Patty and I accompanied Vern and Carrie on their rounds to various Forest Service campgrounds.  Vern is responsible for a number of things, including staffing of the various parks, and checking their water supply every week.  We drove all day, and saw several great campgrounds, but we liked Junction Creek, where we were parked, best.


Tuesday, August 19

A quiet day.  We got to meet the Forest Service Campground hosts again at lunchtime, because they were having their end of year meeting. Good people, all. 

In the evening, we went to the Bar D Wrangler chuckwagon show, similar to the Flying W Ranch show we saw in Colorado Springs.   They were hosting "Riders in the Sky".  Great show, lots of laughs.

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