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Wednesday, August 20

Went with Tracy and Debbie up 550 over Coal Bank Pass (10640 ft) and Molas Pass (10910 ft) to Silverton.   Molas pass is beautiful...





















We turned then north on dirt road 110 to the site of the old gold town called Eureka. 



The gold mine in Eureka in 1871 and today.






These next three pictures.  On the left in the picture is a stream.  Although hard to see here, it is this sequence you see if you go into the small canyon.  Many mining holes.














This is the valley before you.  Beautiful.


What a fabulous area for camping and looking for rocks! We came back wishing we could have our truck camper to stay for a while there.









We took the river road back to Silverton.  How would you like to camp here? 












Thursday, August 21


Took Debbie on a trip passed the Junction Creek campground north and up on Forest Service Road 171.  We first stopped at Animas Overlook at mile 7.  This was quite high up from Durango, and the vistas were great.




















Isn't this interesting?







We then continued a few miles further to a point at 10200 ft (mile 13) where it was getting a little rough.  We decided to turn around, but could only find some space at a corner where the road was wider (maybe two lanes wide).  The road dropped on both sides, but with help from Patty, Ed was able to turn around, after going back and forth several tmes!  Debbie decided to get out of the truck and watch! Ed was too busy to take pictures...


Friday, August 22

A relaxing day. In the afternoon, we took a walk up a trail that leads up Animas Mountain from Durango.


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