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Monday, July 28 - Rocky Mountain National Park

Included in our trip to Fort Collins to see the Robinson's was our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, with tent and sleeping bags.

Waterfalls everywhere. Imagine these in the spring wit the snow melt runoff!









We took the dirt road up to the Alpine Visitor Center.  On the top, the views were breathtaking:

































In the last picture, you can see the walk to the top from the Visitor Center.  It was hard to walk uphill at this elevation, but we were encouraged when we met a man helping his 91-yr old father who successfully went to the top and back.  We also met a young boy, maybe about 13 or so, who exclaimed to his folks:  "For crying out loud, why are we doing this? I'm a flatlander from Kansas."

We made it...phew!

















And the alpine flowers....












What a day!

We camped at Aspenglen campground in the park.

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