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Week of June 1

Our first week here.  Patty is making beds at various houses all week, and Ed is joined with another Sower doing odd jobs around the place. Some of these are: ripping out carpet out of a room destined to be a service room for the Great Hall in the castle, scraping windows of overspray at the book store, applying locks to 20 drawers and cabinets in various buildings, applying an oak board to a kitchen door, adjusting a door closer and hinges to a door to make it close better, etc.

Lots of purple finches and black-headed grosbeak.  We see several other birds as well, but as usual, they are too fast for us to capture them on camera.  Over the next few weeks, we should have ample opportunity...







Saturday, June 7







We went next door to the Rock Ledge Ranch where they were having sheep shearing and border collie (sheep dog) demonstrations.  Lots of fun.

Some interesting buildings here as well.

Next Saturday, there will be a free concert here.





Another interesting building....










On the way home we saw these long horn sheep. 


And how about these cars that were just coming in to visit the castle? 










What we don't show is that we went out later to a supper with the group (12 people) to a great German restaurant (Edelweiss).

Can you hear the music?






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