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Sunday, June 8

Today, they gave us a special tour of the castle.  Here are some photos we took:


















This was General Palmer's daughter's room - the best room in the house.  The window on the left leads out to a solarium.


Not too shabby...





Well... when are you visiting?  They gave good bed and breakfast rates!


And, how about that for a shower!







Week of June 9

Patty continuing to make beds, and Ed is installing locks on about 14 doors. Some of then on 100-year old oak doors in the castle.  It makes you nervous to cut holes through these thick doors and then chisel out wood to fit the hardware...

The first picture is of Sam and Ed making shelves for documents in the basement of the castle. Then Patty with a couple of ladies working in the linen department.



And we had cake!  We had our anniversary on the 11th, and Fred and Judi on the 12th.






Friday. June 13 - Gold Camp Road to Cripple Creek

Day off.  We decide to go on a 30-mile dirt Gold Camp Road trip to Cripple Creek.  The truck is a 4X4 and as long as there were no large boulders on the road we felt it would be OK to take this trip.  We first purchased a detailed map of Colorado which shows all of the unpaved county dirt roads.  It was fun! What beautiful sights we saw.  More on the next page


This is how we started near the top overlooking Colorado Springs.





It soon settles into a relatively quiet dirt road.









Great vistas...






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