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Friday, June 13, continued


















What beautiful views...



Imagine all of this on one road...





Town of Victor. Finally out of the dirt road.






More at Victor.







When we got to Cripple Creek, it was time to get a bite to eat. We stopped an older couple to ask where would be a good spot.  They were also RVer's and had just had their 55th anniversary dinner at a casino.  We found out that the casino was offering prime rib dinners for $5.95, if you had a casino card!  We decided that was the thing to do.  On getting the cards, we offered that the couple we had talked with had had their anniversary dinner here just a short time ago.  The woman at the desk asked when our anniversary was, and we told her it was 2 days ago.  She gave is a gift certificate for $30 as an anniversary present!  We now have to go back...

The two buildings below are actually parking garages, made to look like the old store front shops in town.









As you leave Cripple Creek, you climb out over the town.  This was the view as the sun was setting.








Saturday, June 14 - Cheyenne Mtn. State Park


Not to be outdone by Friday, we spent the day at Cheyenne Mountain State Park about 15 miles south of Colorado Springs.  We took the Zook trail, a loop walk of just over one mile.





Some interesting facts about mountain lions.  Remember; if the lion attacks, fight back.  Really!









Along the trail.  You need lots of water and shade in this dry, high altitude climate.



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