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Saturday, June 14, continued



A beautiful vista at the end of the trail.


Of course, many flowers.  Just a few of them are:












What we saw around our bird feeder when we got back.  







Week of June 16-19

Back to work. These are some pictures taken at our work here at the Navigators. The first is of Patty making one of her many beds.  The second is of a day's outing for some of the Sower ladies, (Laura. Patty, Marilyn and  Norma).  The last is of Ed and Sam with the hanging they had to paste on a board and make a frame.  








And this one is of the whole group of Sowers for June.







Friday, June 20 - Hike back of RV park

We got up early this morning ready for a hike.  Do you remember this rock behind our trailer?  We decided to walk up around and behind it and see if we could get on top.




The following are what we saw on our way to the top.



More of these majestic rocks and another look at the castle from above.






More pictures of this hike on the next page

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