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Friday, June 20 , continued








Big and small.  Another view from the top, and a close-up of the Russian olive tree flowers.



Well, we chickened out (at least Ed did) when we got to the very top and tried to climb up the rock we had planned on.  The footing was precarious and the drop deep!  We decided to continue on the trail since we remembered that it was a loop to the other side.  Glad we did; much more to see...


Here we see the Sower trailers and motor homes from the top, and a little later down the trail, you can see on the left the rock we were trying to climb.






Wow!  Another hundred yards or so later, we see that someone has been working on some stone wall structures.  We found out later that a man comes up on Saturdays and works on this project. 

See us on the wall?






A few steps later, we come up on the Garden of the Gods.  What an interesting hike!

We turned back at this point, and soon lost the trail, so we had to scramble "over hill and dale" to get back to the campsite.





Saturday, June 21 - hike around Glen Eyrie

Undaunted, we tried another hike today.  Gary and Aimee (son-in-law and daughter) are arriving from Oklahoma later this afternoon, and we didn't want to be too far from home.  We're excited that they will be here to spend a week with us.



Can you get a sense of how big these are? Actually they are about the size of a 10-story building!



The sky is very blue today.  Actually, the sky is very blue near every morning, some clouds appear in later afternoon, and then there may be a short rain shower.


In case you may think that we were in the boonies taking these last few pictures, this is what you see turning back - another great view of the castle.  These rocks are all around this place.






Of course, there is a rose garden nearby...







...complete with shady nooks.







Columbine (state flower) and butterfly.






A little later that morning, we went next door (2 miles) to Rock Ledge Camp for a picnic lunch.  More things to see:









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