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Saturday, June 21, continued

This evening we were visited by Aimee and Gary Bess, our daughter and son-in-law from Ft. Sill Oklahoma.  They stayed until next Friday.  We were blessed by their visit and had lots of fun together. Here are some highlights of this week:




Sunday, June 22







We attended church at the Calvary Worship Center this morning, then took a walk around the grounds at Navigators and the Garden of the gods.  Later in teh evening, we spend some time strolling Old Colorado City.



Monday, June 23

We drove to Victor and Cripple Creek.  At Victor, we decided to drive up the dirt road to the American Eagle mine site.  It was cold up there: in fact, it started SLEETING on us!

The views were terrific:











The truck in the first picture has tires that are 10 feet tall!






At Cripple Creek, we had a late lunch at Womack's with the $30 gift certificate we received earlier.

We really ate out this week.  Here is a partial list of all the restaurants we visited: Giuseppe's, Noodles and Company, Whole Foods, Red Robin, Elephant Bar, Peak Grill, Starbucks, Womack's, and PF Chang's.  Gained a few pounds, too!

In the evening, we spent some time walking the streets of downtown Manitou Springs, then took in a free concert at the city park with a brass band orchestra, The New London Brass Band.  This orchestra will be playing every Monday night this summer at 7:00 pm, and we plan to return. 


Tuesday, June 24

Tuesday, we visited downtown Colorado Springs, touring through the downtown area and visiting the Pioneers Museum









Wednesday, June 25

We went up to Focus on the Family.  We had a lot of fun there.  Can you tell?  Patty was the only one of us under 5 foot 7, so she was able to go down the 76-foot slide from the second floor to the basement!

Then, spent a good amount of time at Mardel's, the Christian Supply store.  Also spent some time at the swimming pool and hot tub at the hotel, and then had "the best pizza" at Guiseppe's.





Thursday, June 26

This was the day we were waiting for.  We met downtown Old Colorado City at 6:15 am to be outfitted for the day.  It started with breakfast at a breakfast bar in Manitou Springs followed by a cog railway trip up to the top of Pikes Peak (14,110 ft!), where we were given mountain bikes to ride down Pikes peak for 21 miles!  It took 3 hours, and except for the three or so hills where it was near impossible to breath while riding, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip.  Some pictures of the trip:



























You can see how close the rail came to the edge.  You are well above the tree line here by at least 2000 ft.  The last picture above is why they call the Rocky mountains "rocky"!

There we are dressed for the trip at the top (39 degrees).  Patty is phoning our kids to tell them where we are.   A small lake on the way down.




It was a fantastic ride. It was followed by a great time at the hotel in the swimming pool and hot tub to sooth our aches and pains...

Friday, June 27

Aimee and Gary had to go home today.  We met at the Peak Grill restaurant and had breakfast with them.  You would think we had enough excitement, but believe it or not, we were off the next day on another trip!

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