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Wednesday, May 28, continued - Caprock Canyon Day 2


This is our trailer at the Honey Flat campground at Caprock Canyons State Park.  After we did all of that hiking in the past day or two, we took a rest and then walked around the campground.  We were surprised by the birds.







The first two above are Bullock's oriole, then a western kingbird.  We even saw a painted bunting, and even got to remember his call as we were following him around, but it was difficult to get a better picture of him than this.



A great couple of days at the state park.





Thursday, May 29

A driving day.  We has our fun over the past few days, and now it was our turn to make some miles.  We started out west on Rte 86 to 287, then north through the Texas panhandle and Oklahoma panhandle through part of Southeast Colorado, then turned west at Lamar until we came to John Martin Reservoir State Park.  It was 102 degrees in Lamar! We obtained the Colorado Aspen pass which will allow us to go into state parks for free and campgrounds for 1/2 price. A good restful day before heading west again then north on the interstate into Colorado Springs.

Friday, May 30

What a fantastic place! This where we are parked for the next two months.



Here below are a few pictures of what we saw the first day.  The first picture shows the lilac bushes. The last picture in the first row is of the bald eagle nest.  This place is called Glen Eyrie, which I think means eagle nest.












How about these rock formations?








BUT, the big surprise of the day was the castle and the longhorn sheep we saw that first day (on the next page).

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