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Friday, May 30, continued


deer, bighorn sheep






The Glen Eyrie castle and the grounds in front of the castle.

Not too shabby?






The castle was the home of William Palmer, a General in the Civil War and railroad tycoon who founded Colorado City.  It is now used by the Navigators as a conference center, and with the accompanying houses, can house about 300 people.  We will be working in and around these buildings for the next two months.

Saturday, May 31

The city-owned Garden of the Gods is just next door, and we took a drive there today.  Wow!








Look at the sky that evening.






So, this was quite an eventful several days since we left Texas. We are thrilled to be in such a beautiful place to work.  Over the next 2 months, we should be seeing a little of the Colorado Springs area and hopefully a little beyond, and promise to share our adventures with you.


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