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Wednesday, July 1

Made our way west on 24 and south on 67 to Mueller State Park.  We were anxious to do some hiking, but we soon found out that all hikes started on the ridge at about 9000 feet (or better!) and went down before coming back up.  Hard to do for flatlanders like us...

We took the Outlook Ridge trailhead, as it was suggested to us as the easiest.







We saw some really great sights.  Here are some of them:























Thursday, July 2


Tried another hike today at Mueller. At the Grouse Mountain Trailhead (9500 ft!), is a short trip on the 32 Dynamite Cabin loop.




There's the cabin!








Nice views, wide trails, but at over 9000 feet, even a short up and down will hurt...






Friday, July 3

 Got to our destination: the Navigators in Colorado Springs, where we will be working as Sowers for the next 3 weeks.

We found out that the city was having fireworks today, instead of tomorrow.  It was to be at the army base south of town, with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic orchestra, and for he finale, the 1812 overture with howitzers.









A great evening.




















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