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Wednesday, June 17

We started on our 2009 summer trip.  First trip was up to Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma.  We plan to stay here for a couple of days until Gary and Aimee return from a business trip to Indianapolis.  That's probably Friday, when we'll move the truck and camper to the back of their home at Ft. Sill.  On Saturday, we plan to be part of the Simmons reunion.

Hot today (also the next few days; about 95-98 degrees).  

Here we are at spot 44 in the Wichita Mts. Wildlife Preserve at Camp Doris just a few miles north of Cache, OK.













I know...the same deer.  But how often do you get such a good shot at one?  Actually we saw quite a few on our walk later in  the day.


And this guy was a lot of fun.   Western Tanager.  He would come to our table several times today begging for food.  At our neighbors' campsite, he even took food form their hands!







Thursday, June 18

More deer on our walk this morning.  This time, we found a camping loop  with fewer campers on it, and there were several doe with young.






On passing a  dumpster, Ed saw the feet of an animal just poking out from the lid.  When we pulled back the lid, we uncovered a raccoon having his lunch.







We believe this to be the female western tanager.  She wasn't as bold as the male.








Friday, June 19


This is the lake we can see this lake from our campsite.








The picture on the left is of a plant in the water which had these insect eggs on it.

On the right is a view of some small water plant flowers. 

If you look, you can see the Lord's handiwork everywhere.




Our friendly red friend again:


Patty feeding him some graham cracker.







Red, white and blue.








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