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Saturday, June 20

Yesterday, we moved over to our daughter and son-in-law's place (Aimee and Gary) at Fort Sill, OK.  Today we spent most of the day at the family reunion.  Doesn't this look like a swell group?











Tuesday, June 23

Took a drive to My Scott in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge, one of our favorite spots.  Mary was spending the week with Aimee and Gary (and us).









That's Aimee, Mary and Patty in the first picture.  The next is just part of the view from the top of Mt Scott.

We had more fun that week, including another visit to Medicine Park (see last year), but left early (4 a.m.) on Thursday morning to head north to cooler ground.  Why 4 a.m.?  Because it had been close to 100 degrees all that week, and we wanted to drive a good distance in cooler temperatures.


Thursday, June 23

Yesterday, we had thought we might make it to somewhere in the Panhandle, but we drove through to Eagle Nest, New Mexico.  Eagle Nest is a high valley at  8500 ft, and has a nice lake in the center of the valley.  The following picture shows the valley, but not the lake very well.










We saw our first columbine flowers here.









Aren't the colors spectacular?








Friday, June 26

We broke camp, and decided to go south to Angel Fire along the Enchanted Loop.  We had heard that there were to be balloons and other festivities there, but the weather didn't cooperate.  We did enjoy a few walks in th cooler weather.








Lots of flowers.  More colors of columbine!

We decided to turn west on the Enchanted Loop to Taos, then return, but didn't realize that we would be going over a high pass to do so.  We didn't stay long in Taos (too busy!) and swung north to Questa, then a few miles east towards Red River, and stopping at a Forest Service campground called Columbine Creek Canyon.

 Columbine Creek runs from its canyon to Red River, which later joins the Rio Grande.





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