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Saturday, June 27

The trail up the canyon along the creek was great:










Later in the day, we drove up to Red River, and met a gentleman in the ice cream shop who invited us to his church tomorrow.

 A short trip south of Red River and up to over 9000 feet, we came upon the Valley of the Pines - a small residential community. 










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Sunday, June 28

Great church service.  Faith Mountain Fellowship in Red River.  Patty had been having some problems with pain below her ribs for a few weeks before we left on this trip, and we had had several doctors look at her with various tests, but to no answer.  During the service, we learned that there was a youjg woman present that had a healing ministry.  She prayed with Patty, and Patty's pain has disappeared!  

We left Columbine Canyon  and swung east and a little north to the Wild Rivers Recreation Area.  This is a national rec area where the rio Grande and red rivers meet, but in a canyon 550-800 feet deep!









Monday, June 29

Today, we went on a good  hike around the area.  These are some of the things we saw:   

















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