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October 12 - With Family, and then Rocky Mountain National Park


We arrived in Silverthorne to stay at this place with son Derek, his wife Verr and their two daughters, Amelia and Eleanor.





















Here we are later at Rocky Mountain National Park.  Fiona our daughter, also came for the week.




















  Always gorgeous... see the trout in the stream?









October 13 - The Girls











This fox appeared one day.









October 14 - fun at the Denver Children's Museum



Grandma being silly...
















October 15 - A snow day to Leadville!

Went to Leadville for breakfast, and had snow on the way.




Some stop for dogs, others for...



Well, now the fun began when we stopped when there was some snow accumulation...




Too many choices...


Oct 16 - Breckenridge

Beautiful sunny day in Breckenridge.





End of our visit with family in Colorado....


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