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Out of Colorado, Texas Panhandle

Oct 18 - Colored Flint Quarry

Near Palo Duro Canyon, and old flint quarry used by the indians.  What was different here is that the flint was colored. WE weren't allowed to gather any. Sigh!





Pretty barren looking land otherwise.



Our campsite


Oct 19 - Palo Duro Canyon

Hadn't been here for a few years.  Nice to revisit.  Random photos.






Oct 23 - Home - Spider on Front Door

Came home to find  this spider on our front door.


Oct 24 - Caden , Soccer Goalie






Oct 30 - Mary Dressup

Mary likes to dress up with old clothes


Oct 31 - Then there was dress up for Harvest (Halloween)

Festival at CCF, a local church









Back at home getting ready for a harvest event at another church




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