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Sunday, December 27 - Port Portese Flea Market

Aimee found out there was a famous large flea market at the Porta Portese area across the river in Trastavere.  We found a bus that went there.  Miles of vendors! Proverbial soup to nuts!

Walked out about 2 pm, and up Viale de Trastevere (long walk) to the bridge that crosses the Isola Tiberaina (Tiber island).












We saw San Bartolomeo church (900ís).

Many interesting old buildings.











Crossed the bridge to the Jewish quarter.  Here a really nice painting on this church, and underneath the painting, some Hebrew writing!  We never got to understand why that was there.







In this area, lots of eye candy. 




As you walk past the Jewish quarter area, you can descend into some recent excavations.


























Towards the Teatro di Marcello, surprisingly now used in the upper stories!













A little further north of here, on e via di Marcello, you get to see a familiar site in the Palazza Venetia area.


That afternoon, Ed got sick, so we stayed home, while Gary and Aimee went to town.










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