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Monday, December 28 - Pompeii and Naples

Yes, Pompeii and Naples.  A few days ago, checking on the weather, we found out the Naples and Pompeii were to be rain-free today, so we arranged to take a bus tour there today. The tour bus picked us up at 7:00 am for a 14 hour trip, (six hours to Naples and back, rest was touring, one-hour lunch, and two 15 minutes rest stops). In Naples, several passengers got off the bus to go to Capri while we went to Pompeii.  Patty and I were there in 1999, and it was just as interesting today.

This was our bus.  When we got to Naples, we saw this fountain sculpted by Bernini, and the apartments showed that it was wash day. 











That's Aimee considering buying postcards from a street vendor, a close up of the castle/fort behind her, and the Mediterranean beside that.























There is "old" Pompeii, Scavi di Pompei, and a new town next to it.  Excavations continue to this day, and there is much evidence of how much more careful today's archaeologists are in recovering the site.




That's a map of old Pompeii.









2000 yr old roads!  Note the carriage wheel ruts in the first picture, and the pedestrian stepping stones in the second (some sewage was carried in the street!).










These people were serious about games:













Close up of stands (most marble and stone was looted and used elsewhere n New Pompeii).  Understory to get to your section of the stands.
















and theatre:




Our guide said the acoustics were perfect: they have concerts here occasionally.








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