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Wednesday, December 30 - Spagna, Popolo, Corso

Many penthouses and big homes.











Gary was feeling a little better in the afternoon, but still not well.  But, he's a trooper and decided to come anyway.  Aimee wanted to do some shopping in the Corso area. We walked to the Spanish steps, then to via Corso towards the Piazza del Popolo then back to the Spanish steps.





Back to the Spanish Steps area. 

Lots of people here today.










In th square is a tall spire with "Mary, the Queen of Heaven" on top.  There are many statues to Mary in the various squares, and in all of the Catholic Churches we went into.


This was a "tough" bike!










This is an orb on the bottom of the Spanish steps.  Patty and Aimee were shopping in one of the stores, so Gary and I sat down on the steps to wait.  Apparently, Patty and Aimee were then lookng for us, and this is Patty being happy when she found us....














Just three of the fancy shops on Via Corso.












On the way to Populo.












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