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Wednesday, December 30 - Borghese Park , Via Veneto

Gary not well this morning, so Patty and I went out for a walk.



First walked to Via Veneto, made famous by the movie La Dolce Vita by Fellini.  The boulevard is lined with expensive shops.












We walked north until we came to the old Roman wall, then through the gates and across the street to the Borghese park.








Some things seen in the park.  Interested in the meaning of the statue with the person holding a smiling head.


Beautiful old trees and GREEN grass with all of the rain.

















Quite a statue.  Great relief work on the sides.



Patty near one of the park gates.

Leaving the park, wehappened on a fire.

One of the beautiful buildings we passed by regularly.













Another part of the old Roman wall.  Here  you see that people are still using the structure on the upper floors.








Cars big and small everywhere:




















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