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Thursday, December 31- Castel San Angelo and Home


More views from the Castel...












In the picture on the left above of the Vatican, in the left bottom corner (zoomed here), you can see the elevated walk used by the popes to walk to the Castel from the papal apartments.


















Statues of Michael, inside the courtyard and on top of the castel (you can see it in the last photo.






Panorama from the top...







On the way back, we stopped to take some pictures of our friends who worked at the bar we frequented for meals.










Back at the hotel, we got the limo to the airport at 4:00 p.m. and found that there were lanes in the city only for buses and taxis.  The limo driver got us to the airport in about 40 minutes, part of it at 140 kph!




Heard about the pyramid, and saw it as we passed it in the limo.









One last picture - the Spanish Steps.  We passed this area several times, and a memory that comes back often when we think of Rome.


Thanks for sharing our ADVENTURE IN ROME!







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