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Thursday, December 31- to Castel San Angelo



We walked through the square, towards the river, and crossed the river at Ponte Margarita.  We were surprised to see house boats here in the middle of the city.












Even a man exercising or practicing for an event...




The Vatican is so prominent in Rome, you see it very often as you walk the streets.












Walking on the side of river, we came to the justice palace (Palazzo di Giustizia), then to the Castel San Angelo (Adrianís Mausoleum). 









Another surprise... an ice skating rink and a carousel.


It was here we finally succumbed to buying a crepe filled with Nutella.





At the Castel San Angelo (Adrianís Mausoleum). there were wonderful paintings and sculptures, but no pictures were allowed again.  Raphael's statue of Michael the archangel was exceptional.











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