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Wednesday, Dec. 23 - the Coliseum

Old Rome today. We are getting better at using the metro and busses.  We hopped the Metro line A to termini, then transferred to line B to the colosseo station. As soon as you get out of the station, you see the coliseum. Wow!  So big; an amazing structure. We bought a combined ticket for the coliseum, the palatine, and the roman forums and temples. 







































During our visit on the walkway near the top, we could see Titus' Arch put up in "celebration" of the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in AD 70.










These are two of the reliefs on this near 2000-yr old arch:











Across the street, we could see the places where the gladiators were kept before the fights, and remnants of the old roman temples.










Outside were "actors" dressed in Roman uniforms, who got 5 euros to take a picture with them.

We then walked out and across the street shown here to the entrance of the old Roman palace and forum area.


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