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Tuesday, September 15 - Crater Lake and Rogue River


On the way south now towards California, we stopped at Crater Lake.  Too many pictures, but these are probably the best:










You just can't believe the blue of the water, and the colors of the sides.





















The park had a boat ride, but you had to walk DOWN over 700 feet, then back up when you were through.  At 8000 ft plus!  We chickened out.



Some statistics on the lake.












Inside the lodge.  We were considering having dessert and coffee, until I looked at the menu and found the coffee was $6.50.  I didn't look at the dessert menu after that.



Instead, we were told that  we could have some fantastic, homemade, huckleberry pie at Betsy's down the mountain near Rogue River and the underground river.  Here the river goes through a number of falls, then actually disappears in a lava tube under the river bed and appears a few hundred feet further downstream.  We had the pie, and saw the river.













Just a few hundred feet downstream was a FS campground.  We stopped in for the night.




Beautiful river and lots of big trees.















Saw this sign.  Never before had I seen a sign that claims the river was stocked every week...with rainbow trout!







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