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Thursday. September 03 -  Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon


On our way to Astoria for the Maritime Museum, we stopped at "Dismal Nitch" (at the You Are Here in the right map).  Here, Louis and Clark had a rough few days, and wondered if it was all worthwhile, not knowing that Station Camp, just  around the corner was the spot where they could see the mouth of the Columbia.  It was just a day's walk (12 miles) from Station Camp to Waikiki Beach where they ended their westward journey.














They were astonished when local natives brought fish for them to eat, and travelled in their boats in waters they could not!
















 If you want more of this history, we have pictures of about 10 panels describing the Lewis and Clark Expedition's last days here on  the coast.  I can email you pictures of them.





At the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria: Ed was fascinated  by models of various ships.




























Look at the detail in the next model:












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