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Thursday, September 03 - Outside the museum

The Columbia is a "lightship", a ship used as a lighthouse at sea.  The other is a ship waiting in the Columbia mouth near Astoria for a berth upstream, probably at Portland.  It costs nothing to drop anchor here, but in the vicinity of the Portland harbor, dropping anchor there is at least  $1000 a day, and a berth is $10,000 a day!  So, the ships wait here until they really are ready to go in and get out fast.










This is the mouth facing east from Astoria.











This is at Waikiki Beach, with the North Head lighthouse in the background.  What wonderful scenery!

Can't decide which picture I like better.  What do you think?









This is a ship entering the Columbia mouth.  Can you see what the ship is carrying in?









Now you can see.  Wind generator props.  64 of them at my count!

Have you ever seen how big these are when trucked around the country?

I heard these were made in Japan.




Friday, September 04 -  Oswald West, Tillamook Cheese factory



Seen on a van when we were leaving the campground and headed for our next campground near Pacific City.









Chinook Harbor on the way to Astoria.







We liked Oswald West walk-in so much, we decided to see it again.  Here are some of the big trees:





They don't grow these as big in Texas.







Here is the start of the walk from the parking lot, and the reward, the beach at the end.












On the way back, you need to cross the suspension bridge.

Look at the way  the water has eroded the stream bed rock.





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