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Mon Jun 25  

Heading out of the preserve, we stopped at the King Blind and stayed for a few hours watching birds, we were rewarded with a pair of trumpeter swans flying and honking just overhead.  Other birds that Patty called with her iBird bird app on the iPhone.

Drove about 100 miles north and stopped at the COE Cross Lake Area.  Took a site for 3 days.  We found out that our destination, the Trout Lake Bible Camp is just about 20 miles away, and we are not expected to arrive before Thursday.

Nice, big park lakeside, with beautiful sunset.



















































Tues Jun 26 - Wed June 27

Stayed three days at this camp and relaxed from our journey.  Took several walks around the park and also into Crosslake, the town literally across the road.

Some posters 1n town:










I think we'll take in the waffle breakfast and the day in the park.


Thurs June 28

Arrived this morning at Trout Lake Camp, about 15 miles or less from the COE campground.  Met with our host, Mark, who showed us the place and gave us some ideas on what we will be working on.  We are the Group Leaders for this project, and expect two more couples to come tomorrow.

Here are some pics of the camp.

Down by Trout lake and the Shalom House.












The following are taken at The Point, one of three camps: The Point for youngsters, Timber Ridge for Teens, and the Shalom House for smaller conferences usually in the winter and fall.











Trout Lake. Isn't it terrible to have to work on a place like this? LOL









Swimming and boating areas





















Two of the many cabins













Office and Dining Hall













Human foosball and wiffle ball field














Fri Jun 29 - Sat Jun 30

Got to town again (Crosslake) and showed Bob and Karen around the area.  Had pizza at Rafferty's. Came home and saw fireworks in Crosslake from the balcony of one of the Trout Lake Camp Lodges.

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