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This month, we are visiting Abu Dhabi, an emirate in the United Arab Emirates in the Saudi Arabia peninsula,  We left on October 30, 5:15  p.m. Dallas time and arrived on October 31, 7:30 P.M. Au Dhabi time.  We're visiting our daughter Aimee and her husband Gary who live and work here.




Before you think that this is in the middle of nowhere, it may be, but it also is a city of over 2 million people.  Here's one pic.  Most of the city is new, with a lot of large construction projects.  I hope to get this online in the next few weeks as I take pictures in our excursions into town.  About 80% of people living in Abu Dhabi here are non-emiratis, called expats here.  Come from all countries but it seems many British, American, Indian, Filipino,  Indians and Filipinos appear to be mainly on work visas to do the more menial jobs. .   



November 1 - Shopping then Halloween and bowling


First of many trips to go shopping: Patty, Aimee and friend Hannah.    Shopping malls here are big, new and very modern.  Also there is no shortage of American fast food.







Gary had arranged for a Halloween dress-up and bowling night with several of his co-workers.  Here are some pics:

Gary was Batman, Aimee was the green-faced witch from Wizard of Oz, Patty was an angel and ed was the Ghostbuster!




The kids here probably never had seen adults dressed up in costume, and wanted to have their pictures taken with us.











One of the funniest scenes is Patty worried about her right thumb that was giving her problems, so she decided to try the kiddy alligator





With friends and coworkers Hanna and Joe.






Does it look like we were having fun? so much for the first day here!


November 2 - Shopping

Day out with Patty, Aimee and Hannah















Nov 3 - Patty's Birthday and Night Out at the Shangri-La


Patty's birthday gifts and dressed up ready to go.







At the restaurant









First view of thee Zayed Mosque




Nov 5 - Trivia night at the Sports Bar




Went out with Gary and Aimee to the "regular" Monday night trivia at the Stars and Bars next to the Ferrari race track where there had been a Formula 1 race this past weekend (sold out!).  Can you answer the following questions?  We won one round, and came in 3rd.







Nov 6 -- Out to shop again and local buildings


Here are examples of homes and condos in this area of Abu Dhabi.  And very big by US standards (5000+ sq ft, 3 stories, gated, etc.)







Lots of construction




   This last one just outside our window.



Driving to the Mazyad  mall




   This bridge designed to look like sand dunes.









  It's not all black for the women.












All that on this page in less than a week!



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