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Tuesday, December 29 - Catacombs and Shopping

We took the 118 Bus from the S. Giovanni Metro Metro station in South Rome to the St Callixtus catacombs.  We were fortunate to get an English-speaking tour guide.  Tour was about 30 minutes .  There were four levels in the catacombs, but we saw just a fraction of two. The guide told us that the Christians called the place they buried their dead a  Cemetario (sleeping place).  The Romans called their place a necropolis (place of the dead).  There’s a sermon there!We weren't permitted to take any pictures.  Towards the end of the tour, we had to vacate a room because there were a number of people waiting who were coming to celebrate mass in that room.  Apparently, it is common for services to be held down there for deceased relatives or friends. 





















Taking the 628 bus, we stopped at the Mercato Latino (local market, all sorts of fresh meat, fish, produce, pasta, etc).  Wish we had something like this close to home, where you could get fresh produce and other provisions daily.  





fresh fish








meats, deli meats





















fruit, vegetables










wine by the bottle.  Just bring your empty plastic bottles!







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