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Wednesday, September 9 - Stonefield Beach and Cape Perpetua, continued

The best pictures?


...the next picture with all of the sea stars and an oystercatcher...

and the true color of the sea stars!















We were real happy at our find!

But that wasn't the end of our day...





We went to Cape Perpetua to look for the Big Sitka Spruce, and were treated to a ranger-led walk there.  Topic was how the native americans used the plants for clothes, food, toothpaste, headache powder, etc. To get to the big tree, we travelled through some old growth forest.


A mother trees growing on a fallen tree.



many BIG trees...











The biggest Sitka Spruce - 14 feet in diameter!










On the way back, we went again to Stonefield Beach at high tide to see if we could get some rocks.  We stopped at the north end parking lot and were surprised to see.... many we picked about a gallon in a half-hour.


What a wonderful day!





Here are some of our rock and driftwood treasures:











And here are some close-ups of some of the stones. The first has inclusions of small quartz-like crystals, the second shows the color when wet, and the third show imbedded fossilized shell.










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