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Thursday, September 10 - Woehink Lake

Tired today. How come?  Decided to take a picnic lunch and rest on Woehink Lake, a few miles south f Florence.  We saw this lake yesterday when we were looking for a pick-ur-own blueberry patch. Then we spent some time at home ( in the truck camper) catcjhng up on reading and uploading this journal.









Friday, September 11 - to Bend, OR

We're moving inland to Bend Oregon today.  On the way, we decided to stop at a fish hatchery to have lunch on the picnic tables there, and to see the fish.  Apparently, a model-T club had the same idea:













These rainbow trout look hungry.  Got a line?

This'll make you fishermen drool!











We caught this dipper in the stream below where fish are spawning, and it had a fish egg in its mouth!






As you get closer to Bend on hwy 242, you pass a lava field (the first of many to come) on the top of the pass:




This is what it looks like just on the side of the highway.  It was built around the edge of the flow.







That's all lave between us and the mountains...








Saturday, September 12 - Cascade Lakes Scenic Highway

We got up early enough to take a tour of the Cascade Lakes Scenic Highway - it's a 100-mile loop that can start in Bend, about 16 miles north of where our campground was, but we caught it a few miles south.  These are some of the sights we saw:




How can it be bad when your trip starts like this?  Mount Bachelor (ski area).









The colors you see here are not computer enhanced.  This is on Soda creek in the Sparks Lake campground, a few miles behind past Mount Bachelor.









A few feet away, I also caught this mountain on  the left in the picture.










Still another view.  How can you take a bad picture?  Which of these three do you like better?






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