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Saturday, September 12 - Cascade Lakes Scenic Highway, continued


The next lake: (No wonder ths route was named one of the top 10 scenic roads in America).








We've seen many fisher man on this trip in  this kind of boat.  It can be deflated and folded to fit in a small box.










This is why I like my camera.  Can you do this with your camera?









We saw many more sights, but were spoiled by the first lake we stopped at (Sparks).

Other photos today:



The last picture is also another great reason to have a 10X optical zoom.







Sunday, September 13 - LAVA


This is our campsite in Bend (actually Sunriver, about 16 miles south of Bend)







This afternoon, we visited the lava beds near Bend, first to see Lava Butte:

At the viewpoint, 500 ft up crater is 150 feet deep:









While we were at this location, we found out that the last ranger-led talk of the season on the obsidian outflow was to take pace in about 2 hours.   We scurried there.



Thus gives you an idea of where we were.








This is Paulina Lake.  We stopped at the lodge for sandwich (large pulled pork from last week's Hog roast).







Quaint place.  We had the sandwich in the log room on the right.







We heard about the record fish caught here, and found it was mounted here.




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